Umami tasting in Rotterdam

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Vriendenuitje/Vriendinnenuitje Onderwijs Workshop


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1 uur, 30 minuten
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Jonker Fransstraat 105A


Umami in all world
Learn umami sensations
Reduce salt, prevent obesity
Suitable for vegans

Over deze workshop


Do you know what umami tastes like?
Umami was discovered by the Japanese, but it is not exclusive to Japan. You can find umami anywhere in the world and enjoy umami from all over the world. Know the basic sensations of umami and enjoy your daily meals!
In our 90min workshop you will learn overview about the fascinating world of Umami inside us. Please experience the umami flavor and share your thoughts with us!

Self-iontroduction and today's flow [15min]
Let's taste Umami [15min]
Basic knowledge of Umami [15min]
Features of Japanese traditional Umami ingredients [10min]
Let's compare Umami food with ordinally food [20min]
Today's summary,how to incorporate umami in your dayly life [10min]

I believe that umami is a technique born of the wisdom of our ancestors, and that it is sustainable in terms of its use in the modern world, as well as in terms of reducing salt and preventing obesity.

Especially, Umami can make a significant contribution to vegans, who use a lot of salt, as the lack of meat and fish weakens their taste buds.

Of course, I can arrange this workshops for company or ordermade.
Welcome to the wide, deep and fascinating world of umami!